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When Is Dental Insurance A Good Idea? In Eat That Frog! Brian Tracy suggests developing a sense of urgency in everything you do.

One area where many people tend to procrastinate is obtaining coverage for things they think they won't need until later  Wouldn't it be nice to buy insurance AFTER we actually needed it?  But you know that's not how the world works.

Dental insurance is a great example.  Some plans offer no waiting periods but your coverage may not start for weeks.  In the meantime, if you have an urgent need for care, you're forced to pay 100% out of pocket, or suffer until your insurance kicks in.

Why not look at a dental HMO plan TODAY?  Put it on your urgent list of things to take care of.  You can get great benefits for less than $15 per month.  Plus you've checked one thing off your to-do list.

Call or contact Artisan Insurance Group TODAY for a free quote and assistance on available plans.  You'll be smiling!

Jonathan Pudas, Artisan Insurance Group


Are You Confused About Health Insurance? Who really understands health insurance these days?

Some recent studies show a huge gap between what people THINK they know, and what they actually DO know when it comes to understanding even basic terms like Deductible, Co-pay, or Co-insurance.  And what do all those metal names mean like Bronze, Silver or Gold when it comes to marketplace plans?

If you¹re employed with a company that offers health insurance, that's great.  You may have an excellent benefits team or HR department who can explain details of your coverage to you.  It's good to have those experts available to assist you.

But what if you're considering changing jobs, leaving employment, moving, starting a business for yourself, getting divorced, having a baby or experiencing another big life change?  You¹ll want to explore all your options and work with an agent who keeps your best interest in mind.

We recommend that if you're experiencing or considering a big change in your life that you plan ahead and review all your important insurance coverage as soon as possible.  There are strict timelines associated with some of your options, and we're happy to offer quotes or advice to help you understand what's available to you, and to make an informed decision.

Jonathan Pudas, Artisan Insurance Group

If you own a business and are looking for health-care insurance for your employees, we can take care of that through many of the national insurance carriers such as Aetna and Humana. Remember that there are no restrictions as to when these types of policies can be set up.

If you are looking for health coverage for yourself or your family, we can help you to find coverage through many carriers. In addition, we also represent a company who is "Obamacare Approved" that accepts new clients year round. No more waiting for open enrollment to get your new coverage. We can also help you with vision and dental insurance if that is something that you need.

If you are over 65, we can help you with your Medicare needs as well. The insurance companies that we represent offer many options including HMO's and PPO's. We can also help you with your prescription drug needs.

Give us a call and we will be happy to set an appointment to sit down with you to discuss your needs.



Can I Afford Health Insurance?


By Jonathan Puda

The better question is, can I bear the risk of NOT being insured?

More and more people are taking an active role in managing their healthcare and the associated costs. For individuals or families who have not had health insurance for a few years (yes, that happens) they may look at the cost of a plan on the Marketplace and suffer sticker shock.

Don't stop there!

A number of plans and programs are available, both on and off the Marketplace that help you manage your costs while still giving you access to the care you need.

You may have heard of subsidies or premium tax credits on the Marketplace. There¹s also a ³cost sharing reduction² available to certain individuals. When filling out a Marketplace application, you might qualify for extra savings based on income or by being a member of a federally recognized tribe, for example. These EXTRA savings ONLY apply to a Silver plan on the Marketplace.

If you qualify for any other type of tax credit or subsidy, you can apply those savings to any metal level plan (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) on the Marketplace.

Marketplace plans arn¹t everyone¹s cup of tea, however. Talk to your agent about other options like a private medical cost sharing plan. These plans can provide exemption from the ³penalty² on your taxes, as well as offering some savings on premiums when compared to a full price Marketplace plan.

Don¹t wait until you¹re sick or injured to get the coverage you need. At Artisan Insurance Group, we have options available year-round, so you don¹t have to wait until Open Enrollment. CONTACT US today!